Our vision

Global leaders create a new world community through Competition
and Co-Creation by using the abilities to discover,
communicate and solve the problems we all face.

The mission and the vision of IGS is to promote world peace
by creating an environment to cultivate global leaders.


Our main businesses
Junior High School : igsz, High School : Advisory to high schools, eSpire, College/University : GROW

∗IGS also supports National Forensic League Japan (NFLJ),
as part of IGS's efforts to support global education.


A preparatory school to cultivate leaders by teaching elementary school, junior high and high school students how to think in English, preparing them to compete and thrive not only in Japan, but on a global stage. igsZ is a joint business with Z-kai.

We support junior high schools, high schools and colleges that aspire to cultivate global leaders by helping them offer a "world standard" level educational curriculum through the introduction of the active learning, project-based education, enhanced English education, and teacher training programs.


Online learning material for TOEFL that covers vocabulary in addition to the basic four English abilities of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. By categorizing content into detailed levels, each student can recognize his or her own progress.


Using artificial intelligence, GROW scientifically matches the students who constantly challenge and aspire to improve themselves with companies looking to reform their HR strategy by focusing more on competencies and the growth of new hires. GROW is an innovative, user-friendly platform that helps students create their own growth stories, and matches these students to companies that care about their workers' growth and fit within the firm.

Asahi Shimbun is a proud supporter of GROW.


Japanese branch of the National Forensics League, the largest American speech and debate competition. Participants are high school students who compete in speech and debate in English, using the same rules applied around the world. The result of the participation is accepted as an official evaluation factor for the entrance to many U.S. colleges.

who we are

Our staffs
profile photo Masahiro Fukuhara
Masahiro Fukuhara

Masahiro Fukuhara

Masahiro Fukuhara graduated high school and university from Keio and earned his MBA from INSEAD. He also earned a Master’s degree (with Honors) from Grandes Ecoles HEC and a Ph.D. from Tsukuba University Graduate School of Business Sciences (Ph.D. in Business Administration). After working at the Bank of Tokyo, he joined the world's largest asset management company Barclays Global Investors. He assumed Managing Director and became a board member. Now, Masahiro is the founder and CEO of the Institution for a Global Society.

profile photo Yusuke Kawakami
Yusuke Kawakami

Yusuke Kawakami

Yusuke Kawakami joined the one of the major manufacturing companies in Japan, developing the embedded OS and device driver followed by the game engine development. After he became a free-lancer, he worked on multiple iOS and Android applications, server side development, technology consultant business, and joined Institution for a Global Society

profile photo Kuniharu Aramaki
Kuniharu Aramaki

Kuniharu Aramaki

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Tokyo University, Kuniharu Aramaki worked at the economic institution for 7 years and worked on tax and economic law, public relations and planning on the industry policy. He directly saw the difficulties that Japanese companies were facing with the education and utilization of the global human resource. Kuniharu left the institution in 2013 and joined Institution for a Global Society. He studied Ruby on Rails by himself and is a web engineer.

profile photo Chris Organ
Chris Organ

Chris Organ

Chris Organ graduated from the University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business with a major in Business Administration-Cinematic Arts (BCA). Curious about global affairs and inspired by the resilience and optimism of the U.S.-Japan alliance, he is passionate about helping the next generation of Japanese and international students cultivate their global leadership skills through speech & debate. He currently helps lead program and business development at the National Forensic League Japan, teaching students how to improve their public speaking and critical thinking skills through debating topics focused on world issues. Chris joined Institution for a Global Society in 2014.

profile photo Paul Yarabe
Fabien Roudier

Fabien Roudier

Fabien graduated a Bachelor Degree in Anthropology from Lyon II University. After a year spent traveling in Asia and studying Vietnamese language and culture in the Ho Chi Minh city university of pedagogy, he graduated a Master’s degree major in international negotiation from Aix-Marseille University. After graduation, he spent 10 years working for Campus France, the French National Agency for the promotion of Higher Education abroad, in Vietnam and Japan. He joined Institution for a Global Society in May 2016.


Our advisers
profile photo Yasufumi Saruwatari
Yasufumi Saruwatari

Dr.Yasufumi Saruwatari 
Professor at Tsukuba University

Professor at Tsukuba University Graduate School of Business Sciences Dr. Saruwatari teaches the refresh courses for working professionals pursuing graduate studies and cultivates specialized professionals through research and studies at the Tsukuba University Graduate School of Business Sciences. Dr. Saruwatari is studying the application of mathematical modeling and optimization theory to the management and decision-making process of underlying societal issues.

profile photo Kiyoshi Kurokawa
Kiyoshi Kurokawa

Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa 
Professor at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

Professor at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Board member of NPO Teach for Japan, Chairman of the Health and Global Policy Institute, Honorary professor at Tokyo University, President of the Science Council of Japan (2003-06), Member of Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Special Adviser to Cabinet (2006-08), Board member of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Chairman of GHIT Fund, Member of World Dementia Council.

profile photo Yasuhiko Tohsaku
Yasuhiko Tohsaku

Dr.Yasuhiko Tohsaku 
Professor of Pacific International Affairs for the Graduate
School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at UC San Diego

Specialist in the world famous second language acquisition theory and the Chairman of American Association of Teachers of Japanese. Yasuhiko discovered that the foreign language studies in the children's early stage have a positive effect on studying other subjects and has been advocating his passion to teach the importance of what lies beyond learning English.

profile photo Mamoru Taniya
Mamoru Taniya

Mamoru Taniya
CEO of Asuka Asset Management

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Tokyo University, Mamoru worked at Salomon Brothers and Tudor Capital Japan, and founded Asuka Asset Management. At Salomon Brothers, Mamoru became the youngest ever Managing Director and co-managed the Japan and Asia Proprietary Trading Department. At Tudor, he was a director and one of the principle founding members. Mamoru has made Asuka Asset Management one of the leading independent alternative asset management companies in Japan.



Company nameInstitution for a Global Society K.K.
CapitalJPY 77 million
Major shareholdersWith us Corporation, Kawaijuku, Z-kai
CEOMasahiro Fukuhara
Phone number+81-3-6455-0301
AddressMaruei Keiunkan 2F, 1-9-7 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0041