• GLC today announced its first-ever partnership with people analytics startup IGS

  • Agreement signing ceremony cooperation between VNR and IGS
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  • IGS Founder and CEO Masahiro Fukuhara will be featured in Da Next Big Thing - Ai Symposium held in Abu Dhabi on March 14.
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  • Press release: Announcement of a recent round of Series A funding of 2.5 Million dollars equivalent. Since September 2016, IGS raises a total of 6 Million dollars equivalent to 4 leading universities investment funds: UTEC(University of Tokyo Edge Capital), TUSIM(Tokyo University of Science Investment Management), KII(Keio Innovation Initiative) and Miyako Capital(University of Kyoto).
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  • IGS has been featured on Business Insider.
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  • HR Technology award: GROW received the price for innovation, sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
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Inspiring self actualization through assessment and education

With humans now living past 100 years old, how exactly does one live? How does one work? By using the power of science, IGS desires to provide all people who wish to grow with new ways to learn, and new ways to work. IGS aims to bring about social innovation, and realize a peaceful society.


With technology making it possible to measure skills, competency and disposition, human resource mobility is increased and social innovation is propelled.


  • Scientific

    Pursue state-of-the-art technology and learning

  • Strategic

    Constantly seek out innovation to solve social issues

  • Influential

    Create a mechanism which will resonate across the world, contributing to global society

"People can change"

This is something I have come to believe through my study and practice of people analytics.

I was close to the bottom of my class at the French graduate school INSEAD, where students from 70 countries attended. My reason being, as a Japanese person not fluent in English, I felt I was only able to make broken efforts in my studies. However, within my human resource class (now called people analytics), with 360-degree feedback from my friends around the world, I had a revelation.

"If your English level is one-tenth of a native speaker, just put the work in to increase it ten-fold," "Stop using English as an excuse, comprehensively analyze your current situation, and bridge the gap between your present self and your future self." With this harsh, yet fair, feedback, in addition to allowing me to take a better look at myself, it lit the way for my future.

Since then, while leading talent from around the world at a foreign-affiliated company, I put what I had learned from my 360-degree feedback into practice. Among such things as training, through using English to actively teach cutting-edge skills and abilities, I have seen how people grow, and how both company, and society have changed.

We at IGS are a venture company that provide scientific support to human resources and organizations, with the aim of self-reform and growth.

"Approach human and social growth scientifically, and realize a peaceful society"

This is the mission of IGS.

Masahiro Fukuhara
Institution for a Global Society Representative

Keio Senior High School, Keio University, INSEAD (MBA), Grandes Écoles (with Honors), Doctorate from University of Tsukuba (Business Administration), Professor at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School, Visiting Professor at Keio University. Served as managing director of Tokyo Bank and Barclays Global Investors, the world's largest asset management company, and established the Institution for a Global Society, a place for cultivating global leaders.




Using an installed AI engine, GROW scientifically measures competency and disposition, and provides a visualization of ability. Based on the visualized ability data, we provide "GROW Matching," which creates job matches for new graduates based on their calculated compatibility score, "GROW screening," which provides entry sheet and screening support, and "GROW Analytics," an organizational analysis service. GROW contributes to the job ecosystem through contributing to hiring, training, and evaluating.



Japan's only online TOEFL-format platform for English education. One special feature is the suggestion of corrections to writing made using artificial intelligence. We have many vocabulary, reading, listening and writing problems, allowing independent learning according to a student's specific level. Teachers can also give grades to essays, and monitor students’ effort.

Education Support


As part of our global educational support activities, IGS supports the activities of the National Forensic League Japan (NFLJ).
NFLJ is the Japanese version of the “National Speech & Debate Association”, North America’s largest youth speech and debating organization; boasting a 90-year history and one million members. Competition participants are high school students. In accordance with rules set out by America, and as are common across the world, speeches and debates are carried out in English. Record of participation in a competition is acknowledged during the screening selection process of many American universities.

Advisory to high school and university students

Aiming toward global human resource development, we provide reformed educational support to ambitious middle school, high school, and university students through both active and project-type learning. We focus on strengthening English education, raising the school, including faculty and staff, to a "world standard" level.


IGS is currently searching for someone to work with us in the following positions. If you are interested, do not hesitate to apply. Please check the details on the employment page using the link below:

Web Application Engineer

A position for a person who wishes to bring about social change through "improving the job hunting process," who will lead the breakdown of development items with a technical approach to create products which solve this issue, and who will carry out improvements at the request of the users. We currently deal in web-based development, but we also plan to create a smartphone app in the future.

Sales Account Officer

The successful applicant will be responsible for designing the GROW service, the acquisition of new customers, and the following-up on existing customers. We have a large number of inbound leads through media exposure and third-party marketing, meaning there are very few times when telemarketing to acquire customers from scratch is necessary. Main tasks will be from when an inquiry visit is made, to closing.

Data Scientist

A data scientist with a desire to contribute to an individual's growth, analyzing and visualizing any sort of big data, including the behavioral history of different people. To see in what way an individual will grow, we currently employ a modeling system based on a test measuring human abilities. We also plan to carry out analysis using behavioral logs in the future.


Company Name Institution for a Global Society Corporation
Capital JPY 98 million
Major Shareholders
  • The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo University of Science Investment Management Company
  • Miyako Capital, Co., Ltd.
  • Keio Innovation Initiative, Inc.
  • With us Corporation
  • KEI Advanced, Inc.
  • Kawaijuku Educational Institution.
  • Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
CEO Masahiro Fukuhara
  • Dr.Yasufumi Saruwatari
  • Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa
  • Dr.Yasuhiko Tohsaku
  • Mamoru Taniya
  • Hiroaki Okahashi

IGS Tokyo

Hiroo Office Bldg 7F, 1-3-18 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012

IGS Vietnam

Miss Ao Dai Building, 21 Nguyen Trung Ngan St. Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Hồ Chí Minh